PeeWee is a big fish fan

Hello dear Provital team,

My Malinois dog PeeWee has been fed Anifit tins for years.

An important criterion for me was that my dog tolerates the food over a longer period of time, as we have unfortunately had problems with other types of food in the past, that it is of high quality - and a very important aspect: it has to taste good to my dog!
All of this is true.

PeeWee empties her bowl with fervour and when I read that the "Moby Dick" fish can was now also available, I knew she had to try it too!
PeeWee is a big fish fan.
As you would expect, she really likes this new variety.
I also find the tins very pleasant in smell and consistency.

So we are both still loyal customers and send our best wishes from Regensburg

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