The art on our label

Anifit food is suitable for all breeds. There are practically no differences in nutritional requirements between the breeds. 1)

Falscher Hase

For this reason Anifit doesn’t depict animals of a certain breed on its labels, but instead quite deliberately represents the animals in a caricature-like drawing.

Well-known caricaturist, Thomas Wizany, designed the labels, thereby achieving a link between pet food and art in a unique way.

He has successfully graphically translated the names of our meals with great leadership and delicate humour. Take some time to look at the different subjects on our labels and discover the many lovingly designed details.

Thomas Wizany
Thomas Wizany

Portrait of the artist:
The architect and caricaturist born in 1967 in Salzburg studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in Prof Gustav Peichl’s master school. After completing his studies in 1992 study trips to Dijon and Siena followed. Since 1987 he has drawn daily for the Salzburger Nachrichten (an Austrian newspaper published daily in German language), where you can find his caricatures on the cover every Saturday. In addition to his occupation as a political caricaturist he also works as a book illustrator. In 2007 Thomas Wizany was awarded one of the most prestigious journalism awards in Austria, the René-Marcic award. In granting the award the jury stated: “Again and again he has proven that his caricatures can say more than a thousand words.”

1) How they are kept, activity, illnesses and environmental conditions are the key factors with respect to the nutritional requirements of animals.