Protection of our environment

The main goal of Anifit is the natural feeding of dogs and cats. An important role by doing this is the protection of our environment.

We decided to use cans as packaging for our pet meals as the have a high protection from transportation damages and light while keeping the nutrients of the product stable. Moreover, it can be recycled to a very high percentage. By taking part in a recycling system we take care that the raw materials can be gathered and recycled.

CO2-neutral shipment
Anifit ships its products carbon dioxide-neutral. That means, that all emissions of carbon dioxide during shipment are compensated by internal or external climate protection measures. Examples are solar energy projects, the reforestation of rain forest and the selection of transportation means that have less or no emission of carbon dioxide.

Bio-degradable materials 
Anifit tries as best as possible to use materials that are bio-degradable. Examples are compostable cat litter or bio-degradable feces-bags that relieve our environment from unnecessary waste. 

Provital pays for the disposal of the various packaging materials to the disposal organizations. For our customers in France is the display of the Triman-Logos obligatory. Concerning the waste-disposal you can find more information on this page in French.