Xera (emaciated)



Dear Anifit Team,

Our 2nd dog Xera came to us from southern Spain at the end of February. The dog was in a miserable condition. I received the animal emaciated and dehydrated. She immediately contracted a bladder infection, which had to be treated with antibiotics.

Xera was now able to enjoy all Anifit products:

Intestinal build-up with Manosan and Fructosan. This got her first bout of diarrhoea under control within a day. However, it took a few weeks for the faeces to solidify. Brewer's yeast as a source of energy. Gelenkfit for her joints and of course Anifit as her main food with flakes mixed with salmon oil. She slowly gained weight. She went through all kinds of detoxification symptoms: she shed, started to stink extremely and smelled from her mouth. But after just a few weeks, everything levelled off to normal. In the 6th week she had another relapse: she shed and lost her short coat.

Xera now has a coat like velvet. Her poops are small and firm. She rarely limps, so I continue to give her Gelenkfit. Her overall condition has improved enormously in just four months. Nevertheless, I think I will need a good year before Xera has equalised her physical deficits. Nevertheless, she is already a lively and active young dog - which is how it should be.

Thanks to Anifit!

Sabine Dyck

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