We need redfish!!!

Dear Anifit team,

Today I'm sending you a picture of my two pussies, Alisha and Baghira, enthusiastically eating the redfish. My two pussies love the redfish from Anifit!!!

It is used for special moments, small rewards, in play or just to "make them happy".

The consistency is great - freeze-dried - consistently high quality. We have already ordered it several times and it always comes in the same quality - not so firm but still stable - smells appetising and not "strictly fishy". I sometimes grind or tear up the redfish a little because I also sprinkle it over wet food - mine love it. That works really well.

If I just rustle the bag, I have their full attention. I always try to bring variety into the food - but still feed with high-quality proteins - and here I have 100 % natural - freeze-dried - it couldn't be better.

You certainly can't see the excitement on the picture as well as in real life: my girl is all excited and the cat has round black eyes - both tense - marvellous...

I will gladly order again....

Best regards from Wiesbaden
Patricia Ludwig

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