We love the chicken hearts


After I told you in "Tiger - finally fit again" over 2 years ago how delicious the Anifit-Mampfi tastes to me, you now get a second helping. I am now 20.5 years old and my can opener still gives me the best and most delicious smelling food on our cat planet!!!

Of course, I have to make a lot of fuss regularly so that she doesn't forget to keep reordering the tins. She certainly wouldn't be able to do it all by herself. But I'm used to taking care of everything. For example, I tell her when to open and close the doors if I absolutely have to go outside. Just for general garden checks, of course. Of course, I go to the loo again in my house to stink around (hihi - my human doesn't like the smell at all). As compensation, I call my poo-maker to come and play. She is then allowed to roll a bell ball in front of my feet or pull a string with a knob around on the carpet. It's great fun when she crawls halfway under the cupboards where I've thrown the ball :o)))

I haven't been to the vet in the last few years either. I always thought the transport crate was totally stupid anyway and never wanted to go in there. What's the point? My can opener can have everything I need brought home to me.

Now it's oven time again and I'm alternately snoring in bed or behind the oven. I'm sure that special day will come again soon when I get something even better than my tins. Last year, my personal Anifit connoisseur gave my human a bag like this for me... And there were some incredibly tasty dry chicken hearts in it - THAT was a real hit! I even did tricks for it and stood up on my hind legs. And sang really loudly. It sounded almost like those songs on the radio, only much better!

That's it from me again for now - I hope you all always get as delicious mampfi as I do and once again say a big THANK YOU for everything to our Anifit expert!

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