We can only recommend Anifit!

Hello dear Anifit team,

We would just like to say THANK YOU again! It's all so natural when things are running smoothly. We've been involved right from the start - 10 years already - and our dogs are in excellent health. Our beagle from animal welfare has reached the age of 17, although the average age is 13. It's just great that there is such a wholesome, species-appropriate diet for dogs (and cats)! What would a wolf do with grain?

So: We can only recommend Anifit! If you love your dog, feed it Anifit and give it lots of love.

Our girl came from a Spanish killing centre to a German animal shelter and is currently being "fed" with lamb fat from Anifit. It is simply marvellous to see how the apathetic heap of misery becomes a lively, crazy, healthy dog.

Special thanks again to Carola and Lorenz Zintl, who are always on hand with help and advice. Whether nutrition, health or homeopathy - you always get caring and competent advice.

Thank you for that!

Kind regards

Elke Stadler with Jeannie and Tao

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