Titus (immunodeficiency)





My name is Titus and I am 9 years old. I would like to share my experience and that of my owner with Anifit brand food. My owner affectionately calls me the dustbin cat because she found me there. Unfortunately, I was still far too young and didn't get any mum's milk, so my immune system is very weak, which we now have to live with and which led us to test Anifit. As I unfortunately have allergic reactions to almost everything, in the form of skin reactions and severe vomiting, we have been testing various high-quality foods for years. What many people don't realise or simply don't think about is how many additives there are in the most commonly sold cat food. Only when you look into it properly do you realise that this does not correspond to the normal eating behaviour of a cat. I was convinced of this and of the food by Yvonne Nederkorn. So we tested the food with the help of a test pack. It contains different varieties so that we can see what works for us. Not only in terms of flavour, but also in terms of tolerance. And I have to say that Anifit has completely convinced me in every respect. The products contain only natural ingredients. You often buy food that is labelled as consisting exclusively of meat. However, if you look more closely, the percentage is unfortunately lower than expected. This is not the case with Anifit, you get what it says on the label. Of course, there are still varieties that we can't use because they are not compatible, but that's not because of the food. The tins are available in different sizes, but we only use the smallest tins. Because it is without additives, the shelf life of an open tin is naturally shorter. Especially in summer, almost everyone simply puts the open tin in the fridge, as this is not possible for us (my stomach is really very sensitive), the small tin is perfect for my consumption.

We also tested the treats, which were not so well received. We then gave them to my granny cat as a gift and she was delighted 😉 The advice is always professional... ordering is totally easy via the internet and the programme even remembers my mistress doesn't have to keep thinking about ordering, my food is simply delivered to the house regularly. Of course, high-quality food has its price, but in our case it pays for itself several times over, as we often save ourselves a trip to the vet due to possible food intolerances. We can recommend both the advice and the food with a clear conscience. I myself have been feeling much better since using the food. We have been using the food for more than a year now and my vet results have improved considerably and I no longer vomit every day.

Titus and Stefanie

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