Tiger (finally fit again)





Hello, dear Anifit team,

I am very, very glad that my can opener became aware of this super tasty food through your move and the Anifit lettering on the car.

At 18 years old, I'm considered an "old" cat - pretty cheeky, isn't it?

I adopted my two-legged friend 17 years ago and have been making sure my house and property stay mouse-free ever since. Every now and then I have also caught a tasty rabbit. I'm probably not allowed to say that I've sometimes eaten birds, because some people react strangely to that. These are usually the people who get their birds (from cages!) from the freezer wrapped in plastic to eat. Pfff...

There was always a bowl of dry food for me in my house. It was some discount stuff that I ate about a handful of every week. Convenient but not a big hit. After all, I didn't have to share my house with other dogs, so I didn't want to have to faff about with the food... So I usually munched away the good morning bowl of wet food.

All in all, I didn't have it so bad, because I was usually able to provide my own food. As an additional service, I regularly begged for a small bowl of milk with hot water (being loud helps!), licked out yoghurt pots (be even louder!) and set up my sleeping place near the stove in winter.

Since I had a stroke in February 2016, my completely free and independent life has unfortunately come to an end. The vet's injections did help and I was able to see and walk normally again after a few days. But now, unfortunately, I am really dependent on the food that my two-legged friend gives me. And that was quite often a real pain in the arse!

But no matter how many times I stink up the carpets, SHE SIMPLY DIDN'T GET IT! Did she think I was doing it for fun? I was really really sick!

Gradually, I almost didn't want to eat anything, slept a lot and got thinner and thinner. I was never fat, but now I could clearly feel my vertebrae and ribs.


Before I completely dissolved, my two-legged friend FINALLY asked the new neighbour for a sample of Anifit food. She also had to take the book "Cats would buy mice" with her and read through it. Well, it works after all! Better late than never, right?

I was fast asleep when the first tin ("fish à la mode") was opened. The smell woke me up immediately and I plopped off the sofa. Head into the bowl and licked everything clean. And immediately devoured a second portion. It was so delicious that I would have liked to eat five tins at once, but my belly was already full to bursting.

So I pulled myself back onto the sofa with the last of my strength, dropped onto my can opener's tummy and burped gratefully into her face. She should realise for herself how delicious the food is. Which - of course - she didn't realise, because she's a vege...dingsbums and doesn't eat animals herself.

But I don't care as long as she always puts my Anifit munchies down when I tell her to. Of the six flavours, I find three totally delicious. And now I always get them, my two-legged friend has promised me that. Because I've put on so much weight again and play and romp around with her in the evenings. I don't have to throw up any more either :o)))

And if things continue to go so well with the food service, then maybe I'll put another fresh, tasty mouse on her doorstep soon - but don't tell her, because it's going to be a surprise!

Best regards and a big THANK YOU from Tiger!

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