There is nothing better!

Dear team, with my input for Anifit I would like to thank you very much for giving my 13 year old dog Beny Yorkiemischling a more cheerful dog life.
I very much regret not having discovered Anifit much earlier, which I found out about through Dentadog because I had the dry food analysed which Beny unfortunately got for years from our unfortunate ignorance.
The dog food was also supposedly very high quality, the inventor was a naturopath etc... Beny had gastrointestinal problems so often that only the Moro soup could contain it for a while. Lots of vet costs, stress and a nerve-wracking situation for me as his owner, as I have a few health problems myself, but my dog is my soul mate, family member and friend, he always stands by me and notices when I'm not feeling well, but he thanks me every day for doing everything I can to make him feel good!
Your food has made not only my dog but also me infinitely happy, and I thank Anifit from the bottom of my heart for that. Best regards Beny and his mistress Ramona from Lower Franconia

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