The Super Litter

I became aware of the food through a friend. When it was delivered with the product catalogue and we were dissatisfied with the current tax, we ordered the Bento litter with the next delivery of food.

The Bento litter has a slight lavender scent, which is not overpowering and does not change the scent when the cats use the litter tray. When the cats, we have two male cats who are 7.5 months old, had the choice between the old litter (natural litter from the pet shop) and the Bento litter, they preferred to use the litter tray with the Bento litter. The litter clumps well and you don't have to hold your breath when you close the bag with the used cat litter "grin".

The cats always use it straight away when I top up with new tax.

Even the litter that we used for years with our previous cats and were always satisfied is no match for the Bento litter.

Here is a picture of Louie (red with white) and Baghira (red).

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