The odour of the cans convinced us

Dear Anifit Team,

I have a nine-year-old dog. She is very picky, but tolerates most things very well. Poultry in particular is at the top of her "food list" and she is always absolutely delighted. But she also loves the other varieties. The tins are certainly worth their price, although they are very expensive for me as a pensioner. I like to take different tins with me when travelling if it is too inconvenient to feed her fresh meat. They are the perfect substitute for raw meat. Optimal digestion, no flatulence. I gave a tin to a friend who swears by barfing. "With a heavy heart", she agreed to feed it to her older dog. She then rang me and said that she was amazed at the smell as soon as she opened the tin. Not the typical tinned food smell. So the step to feeding Anifit was no longer so big. Her dog tolerated the food really well, even though she had been on a kibble for a very long time up to that point and had never been fed tinned food. She is now considering stocking up on a small amount so that she can be more independent on holiday. So my "mission" was accomplished!

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