The lamb food is great!

My Chihuhua has always had a very sensitive stomach and couldn't tolerate wet food.
After a dental operation, I ended up with Anifit through my internet research and have no regrets!
The new organic beef and organic lamb products are also great, they are currently our favourites!
The varieties are very well tolerated and easy to portion in the small tin.
For a small dog, 1 small tin is enough throughout the day.
The consistency of the organic lamb is very pleasant and easy to chop up. There are also many pieces of meat in between.

It's a good change from time to time and is therefore not too one-sided in terms of nutrition.
We will definitely keep the organic lamb on the menu!
My 13-year-old dog devours the food, even with few teeth. So it's also great for old dogs.

Vomiting and diarrhoea are now a thing of the past, I recommend everyone to try the products!

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