The food is great!

My dog Eddie is almost 8 months old, he is lively, playful, funny, cheerful, a bundle of energy, he tolerates the food very well, likes it very much, has great bowel movements and makes big and small piles twice a day, before I had fed other food because I couldn't find the right one. Eddie often didn't eat it, he didn't like it, or had diarrhoea and tore piles and 4 times a day, the food stank very unpleasantly and Eddie's bowel movements too. since Eddie has been eating your food, everything is perfect. i have to say that the food from Anifit is a really great food. and Mr Kellermann, who is my contact person, always gives me great advice and is very nice, i feel that i and Eddie are in really good hands. Great food, great advice. Thank you for that, I will definitely recommend it to others

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