Super snacks for Loca

Beef lung:
Beef lung from Anifit is absolutely amazing!!! My dog Loca has always loved beef lung. But the competition can pack it in. There are always different sized pieces in the bag, which is great for dog owners to divide up. Depending on whether it should be large or slightly smaller for your four-legged friend. I think Loca would love to tear the beef lung out of my hand. However, she has got used to doing a command or trick before she gets the beef lung. But she does this quite quickly so that she gets her much sought-after reward. As a dog owner, I am impressed by the really great quality of the product.

Chicken gizzards:
My dog Loca is absolutely crazy about chicken gizzards. It always has to be more than one, that's how good it tastes to her. Sometimes I offer her two different snacks and she always chooses the chicken gizzards. I think they are a good size, so Loca can eat more than one with a clear conscience. They don't have an overpowering odour. The crunchy sound and the great joy in Loca's eyes when she eats them also make me happy as her owner. To be honest, Loca doesn't understand why she isn't allowed to eat a bag of them every day

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