Success in old age

Andreas Partl

One of my favourite experiences was by far a 13-year-old male Golden Retriever.

When I got to know him and his "companion" (owner), the boy was listless, a bit obese, losing fur without end and his hips didn't want to be like they used to be. Yes, I thought, 13 years is a proud age. When I asked what he got to eat, the answer came out of the gun "dry and the best !!!!!". After I explained to the owner that dry food always has to do with industrial production and is far from species-appropriate, she then tried the fresh meat food from Anifit!

The boy is now 15 and has eyes for the "bitches" he chases after like a youngster. His weight is also fine and he only sheds at standard times.

A good, species-appropriate diet often saves a lot of problems in later life. That's why I recommend Anifit fresh meat food, because it should be worth it for our pets!

Andreas Partl
Animal energiser / Austria
November 2014

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