Snooky is very satisfied

Dear Ani Fit Team,

Our dog Snooky has been on Anifit for about 5 weeks now and we are very satisfied. Snooky was previously on a kibble, which we had good experiences with for years. However, for some time now he has had recurring inflammations on his ears, small spots that are very itchy and flaky.

A friend of mine told me to change his food. Snooky is now 7 and maybe he just can't take the barfing any more. We have now done that and it has already got better but unfortunately it hasn't gone away yet.

It's not permanent, but it keeps coming back. Now I'm doing a brewer's yeast and zinc cure and hope that it stops. Snooky loves her food and I have to say it smells really delicious.

From ordering to delivery, everything was wonderful.

Thank you very much
Kind regards Stefanie Schreiber

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