Shira, Shari, Shica & Mini





Dear Anifit team,
Before I came to the Anifit food, I fed my 4 little girls with good wet food from the shops, as I was aware that dry food, but also most types of wet food, is not species-appropriate and healthy food for dogs. A friend then told me what else to look out for in order to feed the dogs an even healthier diet. Because of the high meat content, the gentle preparation and the production in Sweden, I tried Anifit and have to say that even my oldest Yorkie, Mini (16 years old), accepted the food straight away, although she would like to stop eating it completely. My other 3 girls (Shira 10 years, Shari 13 years, Shica 15 years) leave nothing to be desired and love the Anifit food. I am happy to be able to feed my girls as healthy as possible now and am very grateful to you and
very grateful to you and my consultant for the support and good service.

Birgit with Shira, Shari, Shica and Mini

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