Shaggy fur on Nala and Balou

Dear Anifit team,

We have two cats, one is our cat Nala and the other is our tomcat Balou. Our Nala has always tolerated all food, but we were very worried about our Balou. He had very rough fur, shaggy and had constant diarrhoea almost every day. It was no longer nice to see how much our cat was suffering. Until we came across the Anifit food. At first I was sceptical as to whether the circumstances would really change. After a little patience and consistency, it turned out that Baloo had no more diarrhoea within just 4 days. I was so shocked to realise that Balou's poor diet could have such an effect. After 2 weeks, his coat was already much softer and nicer to look at, he had hardly lost any fur and was no longer so lazy. Unfortunately, he was also a little overweight. Since then we no longer feed him dry food. I am very grateful! Thank you Anifit!
With kind regards

Sebastian Höhne

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