Romeo & Juliet (shaggy coat)

Romeo & Julia

Dear Anifit Team,

My cats Romeo and Julia now accept the cat food unconditionally after some effort. Unknowingly, I have been feeding them dry food for the last 11 years. The cats kept vomiting and I couldn't make any sense of it.

Their fur was scaly, shaggy, they shed and often had real "snotty eyes". Thanks to Anifit, all these symptoms have disappeared. My tigers' fur is shiny and no longer sheds. There is no secretion from their eyes, they no longer vomit and are still really active in their old age.

Satisfied and shiny cats all round. I am particularly impressed by the delivery service. The cat food arrives on time and I can vary the flavours myself without any problems. I would also like to thank you for the Anifit pine litter. I have not yet found a product like this in the shops. It smells good and clumps well. The dust formation is low and the consumption is also less than with the usual commercial products.

Anifit has a high-quality product line that serves the well-being of the animals. Many thanks to the whole team!

Romeo & Julia from Luchsweg

(Owner Britta Bothmann & family)

October 2012

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