Potato flakes help with bladder problems

Dear Provital Team ,

I have been feeding my two hunting dogs Provital wet food for several years. I always mix it with potato flakes and vegetable flakes. My older Brandlbracken bitch (12 years old) often had bladder problems.
By adding the water with which I soak the potato flakes and vegetable flakes, any bladder problems have disappeared!
The bladder is probably flushed better by the additional liquid.
By switching from dry food to the wet food from AniFit, my older ladies are much more agile and their fur shines wonderfully!
I can only recommend the wet food and flakes from Anifit and am delighted with the good health of my two dogs!
The turmeric snack and the beetroot snack are very popular treats!!!!

Thank you very much for your great food!

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