Pino and Luna love the food

Dear Provital Team,

My two dogs Pino and Luna love the food from Ryzoom. I order the three varieties: chicken, lamb and organic beef. I like the consistency, the food is nice and firm and not runny and also without unnecessary jelly. It's appetising and looks good. But most importantly, it tastes good to both my dogs. Pino in particular is very picky when it comes to his food. The three varieties also make it very varied and the bowls are clean and empty after every feed. I buy the food because the dogs are much more energetic and I can give it to them with a clear conscience. I work a lot and am happy when I don't have to lug the tins around. They are delivered to my home. All I have to do is put them away and feed them. Ordering is straightforward and the delivery always works. I am happy to be able to fill my dogs' bowls properly. My Luna in particular has to keep a close eye on her weight, but since I've been feeding her these tins I've had no more problems. Thank you very much

Yours, Katja Kowalewski

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