Pino & Bala (digestive problems)

Dear Anifit Team,

We have been a customer of yours for about 1/2 year now.

Both our dogs had very severe digestive problems. Excessively hard stools led to extreme anal gland problems. After switching to the Anifit wet food, Pino and Bala's bowel movements have returned to normal and their faeces have a different consistency, which means that the anal glands are not constantly irritated. Our two pets can be spared painful expressions and many visits to the doctor.

But not only that, our Pino has lost weight from 12.4 kg to 11.4 kg since switching to Anifit dog food. He enjoys playing again and walks much better, especially as Anifit's Gelenkfit also has a strong supportive effect on his joints.

Thank you!!! Our animals are doing well and so are we.

With kind regards

wishes you

Johanna and Bernd Köpp

and of course Bala and Pino.

August 2012

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