Peppa loves the fine tramp

Hello dear Anifit team,

I've been ordering them at least twice a season ever since the fine hobos have been available. They are conveniently packaged in 10 x 40g and I keep them in the vegetable drawer of my fridge. Even when I go to the fridge, my Peppa is standing next to me. She knows that I hide the sausages in there. When I take one out, she's happy in circles and drools. I cut off the tip at the top and she's already begging on two paws. Peppa pulls the contents into her mouth with her front teeth. She strips off the wrapper until nothing comes out. Really a great snack for in between.

Your Anja Beyers from Duisburg

PS: since the dog is wiggling and sucking, you don't really have a successful photo ;-)

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