Paula no longer has stomach pains

Dear Ani Fit Team,

Anifit Gockels Duett is the first wet food you can say where Paula has absolutely no tummy upsets and no stomach pains. I can only recommend it. I was very sceptical at first because we've tried so many brands and she always had tummy upsets after 2 days, but it works really well with Anifit! The quality is really great. And the good thing is that there is no linseed oil in it, for example, because Paula also reacts to it with heartburn. The output has also decreased. We will now stick with the food and not experiment any more. It's also great that if you have any questions, you can always contact the advisor Yvonne Nederkorn. Paula loves the food and always pounces on it with enthusiasm. We stick with Anifit. It is very well tolerated, healthy and simply delicious!

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