Our experience with RyDog poultry

Dear Anifit Team,

I have tried almost all the tins, including RyDog Vital Menu Poultry (800gr). I don't think the consistency is as good as the other tins, but it's still okay.

I have four dogs. Two of them simply eat everything and tolerate most of it very well. The other two are more "fussy" - they eat it, but are not totally enthusiastic. Unfortunately, they're not really that keen on the other varieties either... just like with other brands. And unfortunately they usually react to poultry with creamy stools or even diarrhoea. So unfortunately I won't be ordering it again - although I would prefer it in terms of price, of course. The tins are certainly all worth their price, but for me it's very expensive. Especially when you have four dogs to look after. That's why I think it would be great if there was a way to offset this by ordering large quantities. In other words, the more you order, the cheaper the tin becomes. If something like that were offered. If that were possible, I would certainly order RyDog Vital Menu Poultry again or - what I would prefer - beef. But as beef is more expensive again and I never buy lamb... it will probably be poultry. It would be great to get this in other tins too (cheaper price the more you order). It would be best if you could get it for €3/can.


Marion Remmele

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