Our dog finds the tins very tasty

Hello Anifit team,

I ordered a taster pack some time ago and have now switched from barf to tinned food. Our dog obviously finds the tins very tasty. I think the declaration on the tins is okay, better than most manufacturers. I think it's a pity that the individual ingredients of the meat (muscle meat, lung, rumen, etc. in per cent) are not mentioned. My dog seems to tolerate the doses well, the output is good and the coat also looks nice. Normally I would prefer to feed monoproteins, which seems more tolerable to me, and I wouldn't eat chicken with a steak and a nice salmon fillet myself. To be honest, I don't think the dog food smells particularly good, just like tinned dog food. You also don't recognise much of the ingredients when you look at it, it's a uniform mash. I'm curious to see how my dog continues to like it.

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