On the road with the emergency ration

We have been feeding the wet dog and cat food for years. We always buy the 810g tins for our small dog (3.3 kg) at home and freeze it in portions, as this size is the cheapest. For our annual 3-6 week cycle tours with tent and panniers, the small 200g tins are ideal, as we don't have any cooling facilities on the road.

Now I wanted to order the small tins for our upcoming bike tour and got really big eyes about the new freeze-dried "emergency ration".


As we have to be careful with our packing weight, we save about 2kg on a 3 week bike tour. 👌🏻

Now we had doubts as to whether our dog would eat the soaked food and I confidently turned to my consultant, Mrs Möller, who gave me a lot of hope that our dog would most probably accept the food.

Our little fur nose was not at all fussy at the first feeding and gazed fixedly at the food bowl. Great joy on our side. Cheers. 🥳

I still have to tinker a bit with the rationing, as she hadn't finished her food twice and after some wondering I realised that I had made a mistake with the number of grams. Instead of 20g she got 25g and that was too much for her as she also eats dry food throughout the day. With the tiny portion of 80g of wet food normally, 5g of the emergency ration makes a lot of difference. Another good thing is that she stops eating when she is full. She does the same with the tinned wet food. In any case, we're delighted that the food is available and that our little one accepts it.

And the price is no more expensive than the small 200g tins.

And the new potato flakes are also wonderful. She gets an egg spoonful of it mixed in, as she tends to be mentally overstressed and potatoes are supposed to stimulate the release of serotonin and relax her inside. I don't know whether it's really the chicken and potatoes or more the training through sensitisation. But the thought that the food contributes to this reassures me 🙈😅

A super great range of food from Anifit.

Thanks for this 🙏🏻👏🏻

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