No digestive problems with lamb

Dear Provital team,

Our dog Alba is five years old and came to us in June 2020 with the help of the animal welfare organisation "Wir retten Hunde e.V.".

Alba is a wonderful furry friend. A life without her is now unimaginable for us. The only "problem" Alba had right from the start was her digestion.
We had already tested a number of very high-quality foods, but Alba found it very difficult to switch from what was presumably very poor quality food to the very high-quality food.
There was also a suspicion of a food allergy. The vet advised us to choose a food with a protein source that Alba had probably never eaten before. This was the start of our search.
Due to the many positive reviews on the Internet, we came across Anifit.
And what can I say, our Alba, who previously had to be persuaded to eat, could hardly wait until the bowl of "RyDog Vital Menu Lamb" was finally put down.
By adding the apple flakes, the very high meat content is reduced somewhat, which seems to suit Alba very well. Her digestion is not yet perfect, but we are definitely on the right track.

Thank you dear Provital team. We are so happy to have finally found something that our little Alba likes and that is good for her.

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