Nelly (dull coat)


Dear Anifit Team,

Our dog Nelly has been living with us for a good 12 months now. She comes from Spain and has taken me and my husband by storm. We were immediately captivated by her friendly nature.

But we soon realised that she was very picky about her dog food. She wouldn't eat, downright refused dry food. She licked off the small chunks of cottage cheese that was mixed in. We attributed her shaggy coat to the wild mixture. After a nutritional lecture, we decided to switch Nelly to Anifit. To my delight, the much too thin dog pounced on the dog food and devoured it in one go.

She now has a good figure, a finer coat and enjoys the dog food every day with great enthusiasm. It's nice to see that the bowl is being eaten empty. In addition to these positive changes, I can only say that I prefer the regular and reliable delivery service and the option of ordering online. I used to have to go to the feed store every week - now I can spend this time relaxing with my family and Nelly.

Thank you for your good product!


Daniela Brauer

June 2012

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