Natural protection against ticks

Dear Ani Fit Team,

Hello, my name is Selina, I am 5 years old and a Persian Forest cat mix. I would like to tell you my story. I've been an outdoor cat for about 2 years, I just found flat life too boring, anyway I always came home with little visitors and my owner didn't like that at all. We had to go to the vet 3 times because I absolutely wouldn't keep still when my mistress removed my ticks. We've been using Anizeck for about 20 days and I've had 2 ticks so far, which is a pretty good result. This year it's really extreme with the ticks, so we're glad to have found a natural remedy against the nasties.

I apply Anizeck with a pipette and only on the neck (we cats like to lick and I can't reach the neck). We also got a spray attachment for the bottle.
As we only apply the product to the neck, the pipette is more practical for us.

My mum wants a natural tick repellent for me and Anizeck offers us this protection. I'll tell my cat mates about it, maybe they'll love it too.

Best wishes to all cat fans.

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