My three cats (hair loss)





Dear Anifit team,

Since the end of August 2014, my three cats (2 British Shorthair cats, both 4 years old and 1 Maine-Coon-Ragdoll mix male) have been fed Anifit. I have always been interested in healthy, species-appropriate pet food but have not managed to make the switch as my cats refused everything I put down. My cats were losing their hair and my cat kept having diarrhoea. Then I came across Anifit on the Internet by chance. I made an appointment for a consultation with a free trial meal. The consultation was very important to me as I was now sure that the time had come. My cats 'naturally' refused the trial meal. After 3 days, even the last cat accepted the food. Now 8 months have passed and they are still eating it. The result is a soft, shiny coat, no more permanent shedding and the cat has never had diarrhoea again. At the beginning I hadn't realised that the female cats had a kind of sagging belly, probably due to weak connective tissue. This has also regressed and you can see the muscles again, and all in all my cats are now slimmer, more active and more vital. Thanks to the good advice and Anifit.

Esther Busse from Duisburg

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