My experience with Anifit

Dear Anifit team,

I am very happy to fulfil your request and tell you about my experience with your cat food. First of all: it is very good!

An organic (sensible) diet has been a top priority for me for several years now. Now I thought it made sense to take a closer look at pet food - I was shocked by the ingredients in the "advertising products" and immediately ordered your sample pack.

After just two "familiarisation meals" (your food mixed with the previous food), my two cats, Jamie and Bella, accepted the new food on its own. Bella used to eat her prey on a carpet. She used to "wrap" the mice in it, which is why I have now disposed of the carpet. She now insists that her bowl is placed on a towel so that she can also wrap it up. So I guess your food reminds my cat of her previous hunting exploits. Is there anything better :-) However, neither of them like the fish versions as much as the meat versions. So, fully convinced that I am doing something good for all parties, I will continue to feed the meat versions of your food in future."

I wish you a good start to the new year.

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