More active and fitter with ANIFIT

Our little Bolonka zwetna boy (14 years old) no longer wanted his food.

We have been feeding him wet food all these years and always split it into 3 meals, as he has had a sensitive stomach from the start.
Some time ago he stopped eating with pleasure and friends, so we started a change of food (AniForte® wet food LandChicken - "chicken with carrots") for 4 weeks.

And then, four weeks ago, he vomited endlessly, we went to the vet, diagnosed gastritis.
The doctor said it wasn't due to the changeover, that we had done everything carefully.

After the injections and medication had worked, we started with chicken-rice-carrots (home-made), according to the vet. He no longer wanted his introduced wet food, only pureed rice-carrot-chicken.

I then searched the internet for another possible wet food and ordered the above-mentioned food as a trial. We always mix a spoonful with chicken, rice and carrots.
He is looking forward to his food again and eats with appetite. We are very happy about this and will continue to do so for the time being.

Kind regards
Family Keller with their Juri

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