Mohrchen and Lucie test the taster pack

Well, neither of them touch the spikey fish and the chicken hearts to this day, but Mohrchen likes the Piccolina.

As for the wet food, it can be said that the Nautilus variety was particularly popular with Mohrchen. Fish à la Mode was somewhat less attractive to Mohrchen and Lucie than Nautilus. Puterich's Delight, on the other hand, did not meet with much enthusiasm from either of them. Like Nautilus, they both accepted the Eismeer terrine and the Power pot quite well, but Mohrchen seemed to favour Nautilus a little more. The Delice de Coeur was also accepted, but sometimes a bowl was left filled with Delice de Coeur and Power Potty, for whatever reason. Cats are their own creatures and when they don't feel like it they sometimes poke around listlessly in the bowl.

Ultimately, it can be said that an estimated 75% of the wet food was eaten, some of which I mixed with familiar wet food (also from specialist shops). Lucie in particular is still finding it difficult with unfamiliar food.

Conclusion: I will continue, I think with the Nautilus variety for now.

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