Maja & Willi (flatulence / autoimmune disease)

Maja & Willi

Dear Anifit team,

We have two cats. Maja is almost five years old and our Willi has just turned three. Maja used to have constant flatulence, her anus was full of faeces and she often threw up. She is sensitive all round and very fussy when it comes to eating, and anything she doesn't like is scratched away. Willi was only with us for a short time when we realised that he was ill. First he had bloody, burst paws, then his hind legs were full of blood crusts. Next, his skull was affected in the forehead area. Then his lips swelled up and burst open. The poor chap had to go to the doctor again and again. He has an autoimmune disease (eosinophilic granuloma). He was injected with cortisone every time he had a flare-up. Sometimes after two weeks, then we sometimes managed three and with luck four weeks. In the beginning, he was also always given an antibiotic because of the open wounds. Diarrhoea was inevitable. When I saw the Anifit stand at a consumer fair, I was already completely desperate because I simply couldn't find any food that wouldn't harm Willi. No meat contaminated with antibiotics, no preservatives or binding agents, grain and soya-free, suitable for allergy sufferers.

Mrs Beyers patiently took the time to answer all our questions and even asked the reference vet to call us. Unfortunately Willi will probably never be able to avoid cortisone injections completely, but in the meantime he only needs them every 7-8 weeks and there is certainly still room for improvement. Both cats have grown beautiful coats, have shiny eyes, are active, playful and cuddly. There is no longer any diarrhoea or flatulence. Maja has already eaten her bowl empty by the time Willi comes round the corner. As Willi is very dominant when it comes to eating, the two of them are fed in different places. With the tips from Mrs Beyers, peace has also returned at mealtimes.

We are very grateful that Mrs Beyers and the Anifit team have taken such good care of our worries. Cat nutrition is no longer stressful for us.

Family Bienert with Maja and Willi

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