Lumpi (fussy when choosing food)



Hello dear animal lover!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good, very nice and detailed advice. It's hard to believe what's hidden in our pets' food, and we wouldn't know it today if you hadn't explained it to us. Our Lumpi usually likes to leave the wet food, so that it ends up in the rubbish bin rather than in his stomach, but when you were with us and Lumpi was allowed to test the food, he polished it all off straight away and that hasn't changed since we started feeding Anifit. Our new addition Perla also loves the food. They sometimes fight over each other's bowls when their own is empty. In terms of health, I can say that it's the best thing for the dogs, they have less flatulence and less or no more diarrhoea. So me and my partner and our two pets, Lumpi and Perla, can only recommend Anifit.

Many thanks and best regards

Katja & Andreas

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