Lissy (digestive problems)





Dear Anifit team,

Lissy, my little Maltese-Shihtzu dog is now just over a year old and was switched to Anifit food quite early on. As it is my first dog, I relied on the breeder's recommendation and fed Lissy conventional food.

She had digestive problems right from the start, often threw up and had diarrhoea just as often. Fortunately, this is now over and Lissy is doing splendidly. She has a great figure and no more digestive problems. As I eat a very healthy diet myself and watch what I eat, I'm glad that I've been thoroughly informed about my dog's diet and that my dog and I are now eating a healthy diet together. The support from my specialist advisor, as well as ordering and delivery, are further advantages of being an Anifit customer.
I would like to thank you once again for the great support and the health of my dog.

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