Leon loves the apple flake

Hello dear Anifit team,

My second dog "Leon" (also a French bulldog from animal welfare, 9 years old) is also a glutton. When I got him he had a dull, flaky and greasy coat. He was of normal weight, was fed cheap dry food and I was told he had allergies. Then he was also given Anifit. His coat is now beautifully shiny and I can no longer detect any allergies. However, he started to lose weight on the same amount as my dog gets. He is a bundle of energy. He loses what he eats as he walks past. My counsellor then advised me to add flakes. I now give him a mix of vegetable, rice and apple flakes and add it to his daily portion, which is double that of Odessa. Both dogs only drink when it's too hot outside, as I soak the flakes in warm water beforehand.

Tip from my counsellor: offer apple flakes softened with granulated cottage cheese as a snack for seniors and puppies.

Greetings Ivy Schneider from Monschau

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