Kimba and Julchen

Kimba & Julchen



Dear Anifit team,

I assume that it is now about 1 year ago that I switched to Anifit food. At the beginning it was a bit difficult because the two girls (Kimba 5 years and Julchen 7 years) were probably very used to the taste of the industrial food. But in the meantime they have got used to it and I hope that they also like it. The two types of fish, Nautilus Ragout and Fish ala Mode, are going well and we alternate between Power Potty and Puterich's Delight from time to time. I also have the impression that the coat has become even nicer and softer than before. The only thing missing from your range would be cat sausages, unfortunately our Kimba (the black one) is still completely crazy about them. Kimba is also the one who occasionally goes out to catch mice and then enriches her diet herself. Unfortunately, Julchen only has one tooth left, so biting the mice to death doesn't quite work anymore. I'm glad that I switched to Anifit, because you can see the quality of the food as soon as you fill the bowls.

Greetings Elke Zieren

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