Chester (cystitis)





Hello Anifit Team,

My cat, Chester, started having bladder problems over a year ago. I took him to the doctor, he was given medication and everything was fine for maybe 3 months, then he had the same problem again, took Chester to the doctor again, again medication and completely different food. That went well for maybe 5 months... He didn't like the food at all and it was very expensive :( Until I came across her nice counsellor (Andrea Herrmann);) She took a lot of time to explain everything and was always available. The change of food for Chester went very quickly, he really liked the salmon snacks. He had had problems with his bladder for a long time, but now everything is fine again. We went back to the vet last week for a check-up. The urine test showed that he no longer has any crystals or blood in his urine. Everything is wonderful! And as you can see in the picture, he feels great ;)

Thank you very much for being here, Mfg Sandra Ernst

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