Julius (weight problems)





Dear Anifitteam,

Three years ago in September, a little Greek girl came to us as a foster dog. As a former street dog, she utilised everything she could find to eat and had a tendency to put on weight quickly. It was pointed out to us that she was very good at eating. We tried a lot of things and sought advice, but unfortunately without success. A visit to the doctor was followed by sheer horror: 17.5 kg.

I asked for advice in our Facebook group and got the answer. Try Anifit. I did some research online and ordered a trial pack from Mrs Nederkorn. That was in November last year. The weight has reduced to 13.9 kg at the moment. We are staying on the ball as we still want to get down to about 12 kg.

Our lady can only recommend Anifit. Tasty and versatile, simply super.

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