Jeff impresses with his shiny coat!

Dear team,

Our Jeff, a very active pointer that we took over from the animal shelter 4 years ago, was only given dry food at first. Even at the animal shelter he had repeated problems with his food. He only tolerates the grain-free food and is also very sensitive otherwise. However, we always had the feeling that the dry food was not being utilised well by him. He also always shed a lot and his skin was often very flaky, so that he often scratched himself. After very good advice and a trial feeding by our Anifit consultant, we decided to switch to the wet food. Jeff loves eating the food and often runs to his bowl during the day to check if there is anything left in it. In the meantime, his coat has become much softer and shinier and we are very happy. We can definitely recommend the food.

Best regards

Mathias Kohlhoff

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