Increased vitality with Anifit

Our Labrador Bailys was very ill at the end of last year and I was very desperate so I contacted not only the vet but also a veterinary practitioner.

The vet diagnosed adrenal insufficiency and prescribed her cortisone, which she is still taking in very small doses, but as the dog had been having gastrointestinal problems for a long time and had very high allergy levels in her blood, I carried out an intestinal cleanse with the naturopath and then switched to her food.

She gets the renal insufficiency food because she has had bad kidney values for a long time. I am delighted: the dog feels visibly better, no more intestinal noises, her coat is very shiny and she also sheds much less.

The veterinary practitioner's recommendation was simply super.

Thank you very much for your great food.

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