Improvement of liver values with Anifit

Hello dear Anifit team,

I am Ronja, a 12-year-old medium-sized - rather low-slung - mixed-breed bitch weighing 14 kg.
I have attached a photo of me where you can see me in all my beauty.
That way you know better who you are dealing with - because if you know someone personally, they are much more credible.

You have to believe me, that's why I'm writing you my story:
There's nothing better than Ani Fit - I'm fit again thanks to Ani Fit!!!!!

I wasn't feeling well at the end of last year - my mistress realised at some point that it couldn't really have anything to do with my age. Of course, at my age you can sleep more than before, the arthrosis can prick more and the honey in my head is flowing more and more slowly - but my eyes were lacklustre, I was just sleeping, my temperature was constantly rising and falling and I didn't want to do almost anything. To cut a long story short: a visit to the vet, a blood sample and then a huge scare:

I had really high (one even 15 times higher than normal) and bad liver values, so the first suspicion was a tumour - fortunately this could be ruled out immediately after an ultrasound scan. Further blood tests followed in the course of the new year, ultrasounds were carried out again, tests for Cushing's disease and Addison's disease were carried out but all - fortunately - were negative. The values were slightly better than at the beginning, but still terrible. I was then told that the reason for mine was now not tangible, but that it was some kind of liver poisoning - whatever the cause.

It quickly became clear that we had to take countermeasures and detoxify - in the form of various natural preparations and globules - and with a change of food. Suuuupppper, I tell you, totally in my favour - and finally - because up to now my mistress (and I, of course, forced to) wasn't so choosy when it came to food. It didn't seem to do me any harm, but it didn't do me any good either - but it was certainly a strain on my immune system.

But that's over now - thanks to a nice aunt of mine who gives her dogs Ani Fit, my mum was persuaded to give it a try.......

And what can I say: it blew me away!!! For a whole week now I've been spoilt with the Vital Menu Poultry, which contains lots of chicken and courgettes - optimised for me at the moment because of my damaged liver and because I'm also allergic to a few things (all came to light during an analysis) - so I've killed several birds with one stone!

It's so delicious, as fresh as fresh meat, preservative-free, gluten-free - and the people at Ani Fit have managed to do all this without having to carry out animal testing on my colleagues or mice and similar creatures. That's yet another plus point that these dishes deserve.

I'm already very anxious about when the next blood test will be done - my values have improved one hundred per cent, I'm also fitter again and am taking part in life more - and then I'll be given the green light to try out other tasty varieties that are suitable for me, because one thing is certain: I won't do without the food and the variety any more! My mistress realised this immediately and allowed me to write this report - so that many more of my colleagues can benefit from it!!!

It's never too late to eat healthily.

Your Ronja

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