Improvement in Skyla's eyes

Dear Anifit Team,

We added the eye cleaning powder to our Maltese dog Skyla's food for three consecutive days at the beginning of the first week as described in the instructions, the following week for two consecutive days and since then we have been giving it regularly once a week with her main food.

We clean Skyla's eyes every morning with cleaning wipes and also brush out the hardened eye secretions, and after about 6 weeks we have actually noticed a significant improvement. Skyla's eyes water much less and therefore less eye secretions are deposited. This makes cleaning her eyes much easier and quicker. If all the old red discoloured areas are cut off, it takes much longer for them to turn red again. It's not completely gone for her, but as I said, it's definitely better!

At first we found the powder a bit expensive, but it is very effective and helps! We will continue to give it to Skyla on a regular basis, as the eye cleaning powder has convinced us (especially because of the exclusively natural ingredients) and we definitely don't want to give her anything chemical.

Best regards, Natalie and Markus Tausendfreund

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