Emma (shiny coat)





Dear Anifitteam,

My name is EMMA and I am a German shepherd husky mongrel. I was abandoned at the tender age of 4 months and my boss found me at the Aachen animal shelter, took me into her heart and took me home with her. Up until 4 months ago, I was fed such boring dry food until Barbara turned up, combed out my wolf and told the boss about the food. That was a good day. I'm really thrilled. It's delicious, my teeth are great (my boss says I no longer stink from my mouth), my coat is easier to comb and shines beautifully. I'm an athletic dog and at 8 years old I'm still very keen to hunt. My figure has improved (my weight has stayed the same, but I look slimmer). I hope that my boss will stick with the food
Best regards Emma

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