Nana & Nino (weight problems)





"Dear Anifit team,

At the fair in Rheinberg (the "Tierwelt") we were invited by you to a banquet for both of my dogs to get to know your food. We gladly took advantage of this and I have to say that we are super satisfied and that after just 3 weeks! Of course, everything was explained to me at the banquet and I was also asked to talk about our food. When we came to the subject of dry food, I said that since our dog has put on a bit of weight, we haven't been able to get Nana's weight down, even with other wet food. She is only a small dog, but a kilo is quickly noticeable. All right then. We calculated the food quantities for Nana (4 years old) and our new addition Nino. And followed the instructions and the valuable tips regarding "puppy food".

What should not be forgotten: the treats. These are now only available as pure, dried meat, no more pressed chew sticks. And lo and behold - in just 3 weeks we have reached the old good weight! Nana (4 years/7kg) has lost 600g and the rest up to the 6kg mark will come off in the next few days. I can recommend Anifit without any problems because it is a very good food and contains plenty of MEAT! Nino (now 3.5 months) is also delighted!

Thank you very much and best regards from Nana, Nino and Jaqueline (Kleve)"

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