He loves this food very much

Hello dear Anifit team,

Fortunately, I found my pet nutritionist on the Internet.

Nina Kniely pushed,

who informed me about the Anifit diet with very sound knowledge.

Ever since we bought the food for our Golden Retriever

Samson to Anifit, the following happened:

First of all, he loves this food very much.

His digestion has become very good and manageable, above all he no longer produces XXL piles of faeces, as was the case with dry food.

He also had frequent heartburn before the change of food, which is no longer an issue.

Various stomach rumblings have also completely disappeared. His coat is beautiful and shiny again.

He has also lost weight, which benefits his joints and his overall health.

All in all, very positive.

I am very happy that I am doing something really good for Samson with this food.

Many thanks to Anifit.

Kind regards Martina Peerlings

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