Gina and Friso





Hello dear Anifit team,

My mum would like to thank you for the great advice. She is so happy that Gina and Friso like to eat the food, because the two of them are a bit fussy about what they eat. I've also had a look at Anifit and think the whole range is great.
At last she can feed her treasures the way they deserve. The coat has become so soft and the bad breath is also less. The constant diarrhoea has also gone. Personally, I think that's great, because I look after them from time to time. So it's to my advantage that they get Anifit. My mum and I will definitely be recommending this high-quality food so that even more dog and cat owners can feed their pets a species-appropriate diet. What's more, the support from the specialist advisors is great. Keep it up and there will be many happy and above all healthy dogs and cats. If I get a dog again I will come back to you.
Best regards
Sabine and Renate

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